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Computing Center of Guangxi was established in 1978. As the experimental units of Guangxi scientific and technological system reformation, it has become one of the 27 full-time research institutions of scientific research that participated in the first batch of system reform in Guangxi in 2000. At the year of 2004, it transformed and registered as a state-owned enterprise of science and technology, and finished the property right registration of state-owned assets of enterprises at the same time. Computing Center of Guangxi is the first state-owned high-tech enterprise engaged in computer research and application in Guangxi with strong technical force, strong capacity of R&D achievement industrialization, multiple patented technologies, software export capacity and rich experience in scientific research and marketing.

Since 2000, Computing Center of Guangxi has carried out 68 research projects, including plenty national projects like the "863" Project, the Natural Science Foundation, the Electronic Development Foundation. It had won 171 national and provincial awards and successfully transformed more than 90 scientific and technological achievements into more than 10 kinds of widely accepted products in the market. It also completed many successful major information technology construction projects in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


                                      Ma Biao, CPPCC Vice Chairman, Chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region visited and investigated our unit

Taking computer technology as the core, Guangxi computing center has formed a "software + hardware + services" three-dimensional business model. It absorbs funds with a variety of business forms, and actively carries out overseas cooperation. In recent years, it cooperated with external enterprises to invest and set up multiple entities including Nanning Highland Data, Inc., Nanning Highland Hi-Tech, Inc., Nanning Highland Digital Technology, Inc., Guangxi Xiandai Logistics Productivity Promotion Centre and Nanning Guike Venture Consulting Co., Ltd. These entities formed an IT enterprise group with comprehensive business including product R&D, production, sales and service.

Computing Center of Guangxi is the most comprehensive IT company in Guangxi. With multiple patented technologies and software export capacity, it mainly focuses on construction, development and utilization of large-scale digital information resources, outsourcing of software and information services, E-commerce and E-government software development and systems integration, network engineering, technical training, maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment, large-scale digital processing of graphic data, planning and design, consulting, construction, operation and maintenance and supervision of information systems, E-commerce and E-government and network information security. In recent years, it also provides new services including Internet of Things, research and development, training and promotion of modern logistics information technology, ASEAN-oriented information service systems and product development, etc.. Its operating income also grows steadily year after year, exceeding 30 million in 2011 and 40 million in 2012.

Computing Center of Guangxi has Computer Information System Integration Qualification Certification III and has been identified as “High-tech Enterprises” and “S&T Innovation Unit” by the science and technology department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Moreover, the “Confidentiality-involved System Maintenance Department” and “Confidentiality-involved Carrier Duplication Unit” identified by Guangxi State Secrecy Bureau are also established in Computing Center of Guangxi. The center has jurisdiction over Guangxi Software Technology Lab, embedded laboratories, network engineering center, training center, maintenance center and other research, development and operating divisions. It is also the leading organizational unit of groups including Guangxi Computer Users Association and Guangxi Computer Society and the governing unit of Guangxi International Chamber of Commerce.


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